Extra Small 24 Pin LAN Converters


“AX-US” Series

The “AX-US” series of DC to DC Converters are contained in a 24-pin DIP epoxy case. They have single isolated and well-filtered outputs and are short circuit protected. All units are BURNT IN for 24 hours prior to final test and shipment. Pin connections are in industry standard locations.

“AX-US” Series
MAXIMUM OUTPUT POWER 1.26 – 2.25 WATTS Unit Packaging - Extra Small 24 Pin DIP Packaging 1.25 x 0.70 x 0.50 inches
  • lan converters
  • isolated dc/d converters
  • industrial standard pin locations
  • outputs track input voltage
  • fully encapsulated
Nominal Input Voltages: 5 or12 VDC
Nominal Output Voltages: 9 VDC
Output currents: 140,200, or 250 ma
Additional input and output voltages are available - - Please inquire
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